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How to Choose Perfect Menu for Catering

Food or catering is the center of attention at any event, be it professional or personal. In fact good food or catering can save any sort of event because somehow it is a fact that people always remember good food. Getting good food for an event is not a one-step thing, you need to be very specific and care full and keep multiple factors in mind to get a perfect serving. Everyone is going to agree with some of the things we are going to mention that should be kept in mind to select a perfect menu. Following are some facts:

Time of the Event

It is very important to keep in mind the time of the event and then at what time the refreshment or the meal would be served to the guests. Keeping in mind the time you would know what to serve to the guests, whether it should be light menu for high tea or it should be a full three course menu for dinner or lunch. So with the time you will narrow down the window of items to choose rather for a high tea or complete meal menu. A day time event is catered differently than a dinner or night event so keep in consideration.


After time you will have the question where the event should be held, if you are a person who has arranged events before, you will know that venue also has a great impact on how you need to cater for your event. Sometimes the venue demands specific catering and might not suit your need for the event. You need to keep your requirements in mind to select venue. You can’t have trendy catering at a completely modern venue. Usually you are going to agree on this point that catering suits more in outdoors or spacious indoor venue or at your own property where you can fully customize your catering menu.

Catering Service

After selection of venue you are going to select the caterers. Usually when arranging your own catering, make sure that the venue has no policy regarding the catering service you avail. Most of the venues have their own catering. So if you really want to customize your event select venue which allows your own caterers. But if you honestly ask catering is a more feasible option when you are arranging a get to gather at your personal property.


Once you have selected catering service based on taste you also need to consider your budget, this is one of the main factors which will have a great impact on your menu selection. You need to choose and design a menu that is budget efficient and will provide you a well-designed menu. Choose dishes that fit in your budget. Cut items that are more costly or go for cheap alternative items in the menu. You can figure this all perfectly if you have hired a professional team of caterers like www.daig.com.pk they provide you perfect assistance in catering your event. Log on to the website and contact their team before making an order purchase if you want to plan a perfect event.


Now coming to the selection of menu items one of the main factor to consider is the season and then considering the seasonal specialties. In winters you are more interested in soups and winter specialties like nihari, payee or Chinese dishes which give you warmth and make you feel comfy in winters. While in summers you like more of refreshing items more focus on cold desserts and drinks which are going to refresh you in the summers and help you beat the heat.

Nature of Event

It is very important that you design the menu according to the event. You need t keep in mind that in official and formal events you can’t have a completely traditional menu that requires to eat casually like nan and curry and desi stuff. You need to keep the menu sophisticated like Chinese or continental. If it is a wedding event you need to select a very heavy menu so that all the guests are satisfied because usually people are there just for the food at weddings.

Category of Guests

Your category of guests will help you a lot in choosing your menu items. If the event is more professional, you will keep the items that are more continental in nature. If the gathering is family based you can have more traditional items. This will imply on all three course of menu. Even in a family event if your family likes less desi and more continental you will choose the menu accordingly and as per liking.

Number of People

Sometimes number of personal helps you a lot in choosing and designing a menu. Keeping in mind both number of people and your budget, you will be able to focus on your desired menu. Again if you have a professional team they will help you a lot by giving you multiple options of how you can avail the facility. Team Daig is professionally trained at menu selection in a given budget for set amount of people.

If you want to choose a perfect menu for your event let the professionals help you, who are aware of the market preferences latest food trends and budget efficient solutions. Let Daig help you create a perfect food experience for your guests.

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