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1. What do I expect when I order from Daig?

When you order from Daig, you expect food that is made hygienically and with 100{5b42e4287163de1207b98d49e203eb36822ef43ed34e8c707193bb6362f173ae} pure ingredients. Our objective is not just to focus on good food and good taste but also to provide you best quality. Quality, Hygiene and Taste is what we deliver.

2. What is the order delivery time?

We take 1 hour to deliver anywhere in Rawalpindi and Islamabad If you have pre ordered. Any unforeseen delay will be informed. Special delivery instructions from customers can also be accommodated on request on phone.

3. How much time I need to give before an order?

You need to place your order at least 1 day before to avoid any sort of inconvenience. In case of any emergency you need to place your order 2-5 hours before time depending upon the preparation time of the menu you decide.


Chicken dishes = 2 hours

Beef and Mutton Dishes = 5 Hours

Sweets = 5 Hours

These are the estimated timings for further details please check on call

4. What is the order cancellation policy?

You need to tell atleast 1 day before if it is a wedding order to be delivered, 8 Hours if it is a small order.

5. What is the delivery policy?

Daig delivers @ 1000 Pkr in Rawalpindi and Islamabad; we deliver on time and save our customers from any inconvenience. Order delivery delay can only result due to any traffic emergency situation but our team will keep you updated about the track of your order.

6. Can I change my order once it has been placed?

Yes you can change your order 8 hours before if the order is in bulk or at least 1 hour before we have promised to deliver, terms and conditions apply. Daig has all the rights to decline any change if it is completely last minute.

7. Do you allow food tasting?

Yes we allow food tasting if the order is in bulk or if the customer is interested, discuss further regarding food tasting on phone.

8. How do I pay for my order?

Daig Orders are 100{5b42e4287163de1207b98d49e203eb36822ef43ed34e8c707193bb6362f173ae} Cash On Delivery

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